What is Su?

Su is a switch that enables Direct Connects between Property Management Systems (PMS) / Central Reservation Systems (CRS) / Vacation Rentals Systems to OTAs.

How Su differs from other channel managers?

Su is a Channel Manager for PMS, CRS and Vacation Rentals. It is a link between them and the OTAs, not property and OTAs unlike other channel managers. Being the game changer in the industry, Su removes the friction that comes with conventional channel managers by replacing the usual manual processes with API-driven set-ups.

Is there a booking engine solution?

Yes! Su also works with some leading booking engine partners such as Synxis, Simplebooking.

What cannot be managed from my PMS, CRS or VR?

Everything should be managed from the PMS, CRS and VR, including creating property, content, OTA mapping, fetching OTA update / Error logs.

Is there mapping required from a PMS to SU?

No, as Property IDs, Room & Rate IDs or the PMS

Will my PMS brand be displayed on Expedia, Airbnb and similar other OTAs?

Yes. Your brand name will be listed as the channel manager provider on the OTAs.

How does Su manage availability, rates and restrictions (ARR)?

ARR are pushed to Su using a one simple API and Su translates the updates into the different APIs supported by the respective OTAs and updates in real time.

What pricing does Su support?

Su current supports both Occupancy & Room based pricing (LOS pricing used by PMCs/ Vacation Rentals is coming soon).

How does Su manage OTA mapping?

All OTA mapping can be completed directly from PMS, CRS and VR via an iframe mapping widget, making this complex task much simpler. There is no API for OTA mapping.

What is the frequency of updates?

A high-performance distribution platform, Su is designed for modern PMS, CRS and VR with a firm finger on the future when it comes to speed and reliability. Updates from property to OTAs are extremely fast via the Su channel.

How are logs managed?

Error identification and handling is critical to ensure a seamless booking experience. Su provides detailed logs via a dedicated API or extranet to identify and fix issues quickly. All logs include a ticket reference for easy tracking.

Does Su support Messaging API?

Yes, messaging API is supported to improve guest engagement. This is currently supported for Airbnb with Messaging API being enabled soon.

I am not PCI compliant. Will I receive credit card details in bookings?

In the absence of the required security certification, credit card details will not be included in booking delivered to the PMS, CRS or VR. However, alternative secure ways to retrieve this information on call can be offered.

How does Su support PMS, CRS and VR providers that are not PCI compliant?

Su does support PMS, CRS and VR providers that are not PCI compliant, however credit card details are not included in booking delivered to PMS, CRS and VR. There are alternative ways to retrieve this information on call.

Availability, Rates and Restrictions?

All managed from your system via API. No option to update manually which means low risks of discrepancy. If required, it is possible for PMS, CRS and VR partner to login to Su extranet to check updates pushed.

How Su differs from others channel manager?

Usually adding a new property/listing or a new room type, or even rate plan is a time-consuming and a manual process. This friction is removed with Su. All setups are API driven. No manual mapping is required as Su works with PMS/ CRS/ VR IDs.

If our partner properties wish to have access to an extranet, could Su provide one?

Yes, every PMS partner has the ability to create extranet access for their customer. Within the extranet, the user can check/ view data pushed from PMS. Su has a simple yet comprehensive log system which enables user to check updates pushed to OTAs.

Can I have my own domain for the Extranet?

Yes you can have your own domain name pointing to your extranet for your selected group of users.

Do my partner properties need to register with Su?

No. Su will ONLY work with you - our PMS, CRS and VR partners. All our connections are with you, empowering you to be come the one-stop-platform for the property.

Is there any qualification required to be a Su partner?

Yes you need to have a minimum of 100 properties or 500 rooms to qualify to be a Su partner.

Some OTAs offers premium partners status (eg, Agoda, Airbnb). If I use the Su platform will I qualify?

Yes, if Su has Preferred Partner status with an OTA, the PMS, CRS or VR partner will enjoy the benefit in most cases. This same assurance is not extended for all channels.

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