Redefining Distribution Enabling PMS & CRS with Direct Connect to OTAs

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Su is Su

Designed for PMS and CRS partners with simple integration API, Su will enable a PMS to be “The one platform” and most importantly ‘The single source of truth’.

Su enables a PMS with direct connectivity to OTAs. All updates in real time and no extra development required.

Su - PMS

Do it all from
your PMS

With Su, you can easily create properties, rooms and rate plans, and set availability and restrictions. Occupancy and room-based pricing is also supported. You can then self-map to your favourite OTAs.

Manual channel manager setup no longer required. All managed from your PMS.

From your PMS:

  • Create Properties, Rooms, Rate Plans
  • Set Price using Occupancy & Room-Based
  • Set Availability
  • Set Restrictions (Stop Sell, MLOS, MaxLOS, CTA, CTD)
  • Self Map to 250+ OTAs

From Su:

  • Optimised for Maximum Performance
  • AWS Latest Technology
  • Scalable & Delivers High Speed Updates
  • Detailed Logs from PMS to Su and Su to PMS

Endless Opportunities

+ 130 other channels

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